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Archive: » 2010 » April


Congratulations to the newly crossed brothers of Beta Chi theta Lambda Colony, Eta Class at 04/10/10 (9:25am): Lonnie Hofmann , Pema Tashi Lingtsang, Shiva Maniam, Jasvinder Singh, Hemang Sharma and Mohamed Murşal!!! Congratulations to the 2010 Midwest Chapter of the Year Purdue! And finally Congratulations to our very own president Vivek Nevile for winning the Midwest Brother of Year Award! MRC WAS BEYOND RUCKUS!!!


Midwest Regional Conference

Brothers, MRC is now only a few days away. Get ready to cause some RUCKUS!


Welcome to the updated Lambda Colony homepage!

As you can see, our page is quite blank at the moment, but we promise to fill it up with content as soon as possible! So please check back! Until then, for more information on Beta Chi Theta, please visit our national fraternity website at: www.BetaChiTheta.com