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Fraternity History

The Beginning

In the spring of 1999, eight young men had a vision to create a Social Fraternity in California steeped in South Asian culture. The inspiration for Beta Chi Theta was the embodiment of the bond of Brotherhood those eight shared with one another. Months of diligent, dedicated, and passionate efforts laid the groundwork for Beta Chi Theta, most notably the six pillars upon which this grand fraternity proudly stands. Built upon the keystone of Brotherhood, the other five pillars of this fraternity are Tradition, Service to Humanity, South Asian Awareness, Academic Excellence, and a unified Nationwide Network.

On June 2nd, 1999, the University of California Los Angeles recognized Beta Chi Theta as an official fraternity and granted it membership into its Interfraternity Council. While the inception of the fraternity began months prior to June 2nd, 1999, that date was chosen as the official Founding Date to commemorate the establishment of Beta Chi Theta, becoming the first and only South Asian Fraternity to be a part of the Interfraternity Council. The eight National Founding Fathers are:

  • Abu Abraham
  • Hashu Datwani
  • Samir Khandhar
  • Ankur Kumar
  • Ashish Nagdev
  • Ankur Parikh
  • Roshan Patel
  • Ali Zhumkhawala

The Expansion

One year later, moved by the vision of Brotherhood that was exuded by Beta Chi Theta, seven young men at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, became a part of this grand fraternity. The expansion was unique in that it took a national rather than local approach. The initial foundation of Brotherhood in California and Texas set the path of expansion of Beta Chi Theta beyond UCLA and Baylor. Through a careful and diligent expansion process, Beta Chi Theta has stretched from coast to coast, with each expansion bringing the fraternity’s positive influence to a new campus.

The Legacy

Each Chapter and Colony aims to fulfill the goals and ideologies set forth by Beta Chi Theta. Through various events and projects, every member helps to ensure the success of the fraternity as a whole, the brothers they support, and their own.

Beta Chi Theta provides young students with the opportunity to be involved in leadership positions. Each Chapter is responsible for the success and expansion of their organization. Real life skills such as managing a budget, running an effective meeting, action plan development, goal setting, forecasting, and decision making are learned and improved by each Brother of Beta Chi Theta. These skills will help each member in the future as they enter the job market. Our Greek men are involved in an array of campus activities, they are visible campus leaders, and are the most enthusiastic supporters of University events. As we continue to expand our membership, our brothers have a unique opportunity to attain a high position in the fraternity, where they will directly influence decisions that will guide the direction of our organization.

The Brothers of Beta Chi Theta strive to create a “home away from home” for its members. Brothers create strong bonds with each other by working towards common goals, enjoying campus life, and creating friendships that last forever. Brotherhood is the foremost principle and foundation of Beta Chi Theta and is held above all else. Starting with our eight founding fathers, Beta Chi Theta has quickly grown to include brothers across the entire country. And as each semester passes, the number of Brothers quickly grows larger. We hope to continue the level of excellence that our brotherhood demonstrates in the future and retain our position as the premier South Asian fraternity in the nation.

The Future

Throughout the past decade, we’ve seen this fraternity transform lives, communities, and create bonds amongst men, all the while preserving the pillars to which we hold dear. As we continue into the next decade, careful direction, active leadership, and the conviction of our leaders will guide our grand fraternity into the next phase of its existence. Beta Chi Theta will never waiver from its purpose and mission to mold young men into gentlemen of character, class, conviction, and charisma.