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Every effort of Beta Chi Theta is made to strengthen the bond of Brotherhood shared among our members. Brotherhood is the lifeblood that connects the hearts and souls of each of our members and is unmatched by any other Fraternity, period. Our Brotherhood is a tenacious bond based on intangible and invaluable principles that go beyond friendship. This bond is something that lasts for a lifetime and can never be diminished.

Our Brotherhood is a singularity, which transcends all ideological, economical, religious and cultural differences and overlooks trivial dissidence and other vices. It is incomparable to anything else – to know of it is one thing, but to experience it firsthand is something that words cannot fully describe. Brotherhood means more than making a new friend – in Beta Chi Theta, Brotherhood means family. As a family, we offer unconditional assistance to one another in times of need, regardless of the circumstance and without consideration of the personal cost. Brotherhood is the quintessence of this Fraternity that is solidified into our foundation every day by every Brother and is echoed through our motto,

Above all else, Brotherhood.