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Service To Humanity

Although Beta Chi Theta is labeled as a “Social” fraternity, the Brothers of Beta Chi Theta firmly believe in the principle of service to humanity, a humbling principle that makes every brother aware of the blessings they have and the responsibility to help the less fortunate. While it is unfortunate that we live in a world where underprivileged people experience the hardships of everyday life, this principle makes every brother aware of the difficulties faced by so many. By seeing these situations around us, a brother of Beta Chi Theta can help those around him. The average fraternity member participates in approximately 10 hours of service a year, while the brothers of Beta Chi Theta exceed this amount by participating in a minimum of 20 service hours per year.

To this date, Beta Chi Theta has tens of thousands of documented hours of community service all over the country. Beta Chi Theta has participated in and organized some of the most innovative service events such as Beating Heart Disease Week, Hoops 4 Hopes, Quarters Against Cancer, Boys and Girls Club, Convalescent Homes, and many more. Working together on such events not only benefits worthy causes, but also fosters personal growth and greater unity among brothers. As time progresses and brothers get more creative as service directors, our helping hand will be able to stretch farther then ever imagined.