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South Asian Awareness

In an era where South Asians are a recognized minority in the United States, Beta Chi Theta has sought to make individuals more conscious of the culture and heritage of this region. By raising this consciousness, the future of the culture is preserved for future generations. While Beta Chi Theta is based as a South Asian interest fraternity, our Brotherhood is abundant with diversity. The fraternity boasts brothers from every ethnicity, religion, and background including but not limited to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

Beta Chi Theta celebrates and encourages this variety because it establishes a deep respect for humanity. The shared interest in South Asian culture is what brings our members together. This is what motivates them to educate and inform others to help them become more aware of the cultural richness of South Asia. Beta Chi Theta’s chapters/colonies hold South Asian Awareness Week on their respective campuses to advance knowledge and involvement in South Asian culture. In addition, many brothers hold memberships in various South Asian organizations and other key cultural groups on campus.